About Millimeter Studio

Launched in 2011, Millimeter Studio is an independent film studio and one of the biggest production houses in the Caucasus region, with its production base in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We specialize in providing the best possible production services for:

-       Feature films and documentaries

-       TV series and commercials

-       Computer graphics (2D, 3D) 

-       Music videos


We provide full production and post-production services - for local and international projects within Georgia and the Caucasian region:

-       Filming equipment rental - widest inventory listing in the region

-       Production project management - script, budget, paperwork, scouting, casting etc.

-       Liaison services - rights, permissions etc.


Since its establishment in 2011 Millimeter Studio has produced several well-known films in Georgia, which include award winning Blind Dates (2013), Brides (2014)   

Dzma (2014) Father (2014) etc.


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